Our Process

/Our Process

starts with you

We meet

Tell us about yourself!
We want to get to know you, beyond just your accounting system. This
means a personal phone call, in which we learn the basics of who you are,
and what you’re looking for.

You show us around

Give us a tour!
We learn the ins and outs of your business’ operations and systems,
and where you could use some help.

We show you around

From workflow optimization to bookkeeping, we walk you through our cloud
applications and bring you to a cutting-edge digital service,
with smooth system integration.

Let’s make a deal

We come to an agreement on pricing and services,
one that we can both get excited about.

Let’s get started

We start making your life easier by implementing our cloud-based services,
taking the load off your business and making you a leaner,
more secure operation.

Ongoing support

Personal service doesn’t end when the ink dries. Just like in-house
accountants, we’re here when you need us, to help resolve issues and
provide ongoing support, including system implementation and training.


Peaceful Mind

Security is our highest priority. We keep
your files safe from harm, both physical and

Process Perfection

Integrating our services means efficient,
real-time services to keep your front and
back ends working smoothly, and your
personnel working where you need them to.

Paperless Paradise

A clutter-free paperless system means a
healthier bottom line, and a healthier planet.

Personal Service

We may operate in the digital place, but our
true passion is for the people we serve.
You’ve got our people in your corner, there
for you every step of the way.